Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use CallScripter with an auto dialler?

Yes, we integrate with Interactive Intelligence, Genesys, Avaya and other diallers.

My company offers a telephony solution and our customers often require a scripting element. Can we provide CallScripter as a solution?

Yes. We have a growing range of partners, resellers and system integrators doing this already.  Contact to arrange an informal discussion.

What exactly is CallScripter?

CallScripter is a scripting tool for contact centres that integrates with telephony and business systems to provide a single unified desktop application to your agents, streamlining business processes, ensuring compliance and reducing training overheads.

Can CallScripter link to 3rd party applications and databases?

CallScripter is integrated successfully with many external applications. However, the success of this depends on other factors (for example, any security settings, etc.) so please contact the CallScripter Helpdesk for further information.

What programming languages are available in CallScripter?

Within the script building section of the application JavaScript and SQL is used in some of the more advanced scripting controls. The .Net framework can be utilised to extend the functionality of the application or build sophisticated controls.

Where is the script and campaign data stored?

A Microsoft SQL Server Database is used to store CallScripter data.

What browsers are compatible with CallScripter?

CallScripter runs in a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, however Synergy is compatible with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

What are the minimum system requirements to run CallScripter?

Please contact the CallScripter Helpdesk for an up to date list of hardware and software requirements.

What coding language is CallScripter developed with?

The CallScripter application has been designed with .NET

What telephony integrations to you have?

We have a broad range of integrations for providers including Interactive Intelligence Avaya, Genesys, DXI, Easy Contact Now, Callmedia and more.  We can also integrate via TAPI.  We are always keen to expand our portfolio of telephony integrations, so please contact us if your telephony provider is not listed above.

Can I use CallScripter with Cloud telephony providers?

Yes, we currently integrate with the Cirrus Response and DXI EasyCall cloud telephony platforms and are always looking for new partners in this growing area of telephony provision.

Your product does almost everything I need, do you develop bespoke functionality for your customers?

Yes, we do.  Customers frequently require integrations to third party systems, changes or enhancements to existing functionality within our application.  Our experienced Professional Services team are here to ensure you get the most from your CallScripter application.

Do I need the training to use CallScripter?

Script builders and system administrators will need product training.  We offer a range of training options for self-paced learning using our online Learning Management System, structured courses of webinars, and good old fashioned classroom based training.  To back this up, we also provide an ever expanding range of online guides and resources to ensure you have everything you need to meet the needs of your business.

Will my agents need the training to use CallScripter?

Probably not.  One of the major benefits of the application is providing a simple guided interface for agents to be able to handle inbound and outbound calling interactions with minimal or no training.

Can I bring data from other applications into CallScripter scripts?

Yes. We offer a multitude of ways this can be achieved using standard, user-friendly script controls.  Primarily, data may be accessed using SQL or restful web service requests, and the Professional Services team can carry out custom integrations with specific APIs if required.